Saturday, March 22, 2008

Noro knitted bag

This is my NORO bag. I bought 4 skeins of Noro wool. On 3 skeins, I cast on 20 stitches and just knitted until I ran out of yarn. I sewed them together length wise. Folded it in half and sewed up the sides. For the strap, I used the 4th skein and cast on 10 and knitted until I was happy with the length. I put the strap in the middle of the bag and then sewed a wooden ring to the other side. To close it, just slip the strap through the ring. Of course, this was felted before the wooden ring was attached.

The wooden rings were a bit costly for what you get. About $1 each. But if you do not want to use wood, Walmart has some plastic rings in multi colors for 3 time as many rings for the same price as the wooden rings. They can go through the wash with no problems.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Harry Potter swap

Can you see how cute this is??? It is Dumbledore's cabinet. It even has the pensive in it!!! This was made for me by Caroline in my HP crafts group.She did such a great job. Her letter telling me about it was written on parchment and looks so even was sealed with wax.And to think I almost did not get it as the owl who was making the delivery got lost.

I have been bad

New yarn and I said I would not buy more until I use up more of what I have. But I could not resist. The first pic of yarn is for a poncho. It is hand painted yarn and the funny thing is, I was with my daughter and she picked out the same colorway of yarn. The second yarn is for socks...bright isn't it?

The picture of me holding the knitted yarn is going to be a purse...felted. I learned how to knit with circular needles and this is my 3rd purse...the first 2 have been given away without a pic. Good thing I had the yarn so I did not buy new for it. I am not sure what kind of handle I will do with it yet. On my others I did an I-cord (another first for me) The purses are really neat...I just cast on about 40 to 60 stitches and knit until I get the length I want. Then I do a three needle bind off. (another new trick I have learned) This purse I did a little different, I added another color in the middle. When I am done with the second color, I will go back to the first color. And yes, I will take a picture of it.