Thursday, July 10, 2014

Shock of my life....

Guess I should not be shocked, I have had PKD all my life. But when my kidney doctor put me in the hospital two weeks ago, I was not expecting it. My kidneys had finally failed. They had been holding at 23 to 13% kidney function for years....12 at least. In less than a year, they went to less than 7%. So all my leg cramps and itchy skin had a reason. I had three dialysis treatments in the hospital, now I am at the clinic three days a week, 4hrs each time. Really, almost 5hrs...the hookup and take down time is a bit of time too.

All this is not bad news, as I have knit more that I ever have before. Fastest I have ever finished a finger weight shawl...10 days. Now to start on a new project. And by the way, the itchy skin is gone and rare to have leg cramps now.

Dialysis and the new way to eat is keeping me healthy. I miss potatoes, but having lots of protein now. I will keep positive about this. (The best thing is Mark finding new ways to cook things and keep things tasty.)

Friday, May 30, 2014

Getting old....but still going

My mind is still sharp and I do alot, but this body is almost 61 and getting tired. Takes me longer to get up and down now. The good news is that I can sit and knit and the only bad thing about that is falling asleep in the middle of knitting... 

Bethy and I went to Stitches South again this year. It was smaller than last year, but still had a grand time. Got some great yarns and neat ideas. Learned how to dye with cool. Stayed at the hotel right across the street, so only drove to go eat.

On a sad note, my son's pug, Meko passed this year. He and my pug were littermates and 16 years old. Milo is still around, but we are all really missing Meko. We are down to 5 pugs again without Meko. He passed in his sleep curled in a little sweet.