Thursday, July 10, 2014

Shock of my life....

Guess I should not be shocked, I have had PKD all my life. But when my kidney doctor put me in the hospital two weeks ago, I was not expecting it. My kidneys had finally failed. They had been holding at 23 to 13% kidney function for years....12 at least. In less than a year, they went to less than 7%. So all my leg cramps and itchy skin had a reason. I had three dialysis treatments in the hospital, now I am at the clinic three days a week, 4hrs each time. Really, almost 5hrs...the hookup and take down time is a bit of time too.

All this is not bad news, as I have knit more that I ever have before. Fastest I have ever finished a finger weight shawl...10 days. Now to start on a new project. And by the way, the itchy skin is gone and rare to have leg cramps now.

Dialysis and the new way to eat is keeping me healthy. I miss potatoes, but having lots of protein now. I will keep positive about this. (The best thing is Mark finding new ways to cook things and keep things tasty.)

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