Sunday, April 6, 2008

May is Almost Here

May is getting closer. May is very special to me. I will be 5 years free from cancer. I still go to my cancer doctor, but now I only have to go twice a year. My great doctor, Dr. Saker, says I will have one more PET scan next January and if it is good, I won't have to have another anytime soon. He was the one who found out my cancer had spread to my liver after being cancer free for a year. I think Dr. Saker, my kids, my "significant other", Mark, and my friends have all made my beating cancer a success.

The other great thing about May is Mothers Day. We always to to the Indian Pow-Wow that weekend. They have great things to eat...fresh corn, sweet breads, turkey legs, and more!!! The jewelry is my love there, too. I have given my most cherished ring from my mother (who was half Native American) to my daughter, Bethany...who shares my love of turquoise. I buy beads there too, because now I am into beading with my knitting.

I can't wait for May!!!