Friday, March 2, 2012

Knitting away

Why is it, when you have an idea to knit becomes so much work? I wanted a simple shawl. I have done the rectangle ones, but wanted the triangle ones. I saw the stitch I liked in one, the design in another, and the ruffle in another. After much planning, I got the pattern workable. I did not want to buy yarn for this, so looked to my stash (also called "Moms basement store" by my daughter). I did not want an obvious stripe, but not a solid either. I found some Noro Cash Island. (in a teal with rose and grays...) I started knitting, and frogged, started again and again had to frog. I think I did this about 5 times before I got the look I wanted. I am on my 4th skein of yarn and it is coming together nicely. (yes, a picture will be here soon.) With the "borrowing" of so many ideas, does this make it my pattern?

I still have 2 otheer shawls in wip, and two hats on needles. When I was talking to my daughter the other night, she gave me another idea for a hat project. Good thing I have stash to pull from and needles waiting for use. If I live long enough, will I ever use up all the yarn I have? Not if I keep buying more. But I am being good. (Not buying until Stitches South in April. Bethany gave me the best Christmas gift ever...two classes and over night stay at Stitches South this year. I can[t wait!!! It will be me, Bethany and Marie..sons girlfriend...What a party it will be....knitting away.)