Monday, May 26, 2008

New Purse made by Me

This is a purse I made for a swap in Bag to Brag About (yahoo group). I was supposed to have it finished last week, but did not have it all finished. I used a lot of scraps in the "foundation" style of quilting. I am very pleased with it. The back looks good too. (the back is the top pic) The tulip fabric was just a small bit left over from another project years ago. I think it is a "Hoffman" print. All the rest of the fabrics came from my scraps of quilt fabrics...Not that I quilt, but at one time I bought lots of small "fat quarters" to make a quilt. The title of the swap is "from the scrap bin..."

Saturday, May 3, 2008

my boys

Popcorn and is so hard to get a picture of them together. They love to harass each other. Popcorn will go in circles around Fudge....and Fudge will go up to Popcorn and just look. But when they are tired, these two will snuggle together.
Here is old man Milo...or Fat boy. He is 6-7 years older than all the other boys and does not like to move around much. Such a good pug...he listens to what you say, but hates to get a bath...will run upstairs and hop in the bed and under the covers if he hears the bath going.
How can you not love a little face like this!!!! This is Fudge..or Fudgie. It is so hard to get a picture of him as he is so black. But this is my favorite picture of him. This is my "chicken" dog....if you scare him, he will sure you are not holding him at the time!!!!
Little Popcorn, who we call Poppy, Poppy-do, and Dodo-Pop.....At only 16 pounds, he is the Mocho of the bunch. From the way he acts, you would think he is a big dog...well, he does. The chow hound...eats more than the others, but is moving all the time so works it off.
Here is Kiwi, who we call Kiki Baby. He is the Mother of all the boys....meaning he is the most loving and caring pug. He loves everyone and wants to be held all the time. The sweetest bay.

This is Little Foot. It is strange to see him without a toy in his mouth. He was so wild as a puppy, I almost was ready to give him away. But he has turned into the best little dog. Mark says he is more dog than pug, as he comes when called.